We’re here to help motivated change-makers, freelancers and small business owners in their pursuit of meaningful work.

Jasmine Sara

Jasmine is our creative writer. She’s also a yoga teacher, world traveller and wellbeing workshop facilitator. Using her degree in English Literature, Media Studies and Creative Writing, she has worked with meaningful projects that exist to create change in the world.

Writing has been her “thing” since she wrote a poem about pigs in wigs aged 6 (but don’t worry, her style has definitely advanced since then!) She loves to carefully craft written art from the stories of others, as well as her own. Her wide range of experience with writing and passion for communication are integral to the work we do at ARDEA.

Jasmine is passionate about social impact, environmental impact and human rights advocacy. In her free time you’ll find her singing to wildlife, walking in the forest or dancing.


Olivia Dias

Olivia is our visual designer and marketing strategist, experienced in working with a variety of small businesses in the world of fashion, tech and wellbeing. She loves working closely with clients to visually communicate their business or project to the right audience.

Starting out her career in the world of Fashion with her design degree, Olivia is determined to influence change in the industry. Her background in marketing combined with her keen eye for design, as well as her social and environmental values, lay strong foundations for the work we do at ARDEA.

On days off you can find her weaving or drawing, bopping along to an electronic music mix or jumping into the ocean. Olivia lives to connect and share creativity with the world.

We started Ardea because we wanted to pursue work aligned with our values. We feel passionate about helping others to sustain a life they feel excited about, using our own skills to support small businesses to fulfill their potential. Work with us >

Balancing work and wellbeing.

We know it’s not easy working for yourself, we’re doing it too! We value open communication and efficient organisation to work at a pace that suits your professional and personal goals. We also love to share our own tips and tools for a balanced way to work, live & play.

Creating a thriving world.

We choose to work with projects striving for positive change. We’re passionate about holistic health, sustainability, mind & body wellbeing and creative expression. Are you a social enterprise or charity? Get in touch to hear about our reduced rates.

Collaboration over competition.

We want to encourage a culture of lifting each other up, delighting in each other’s unique skills and promoting collaborative projects. Cultivating community lights us up and is central to what we do and our way of thinking.

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The word ARDEA symbolises following your own path, finding unconventional ways to be self-reliant and productive. Full story on the blog